Classes for Teens & Kids

The Actors Playground (ages 5-10) - Mondays, 5-6 p.m. | $75/month

Advanced Young Folks (ages 11-up) - Mondays, 6-7:15 p.m. | $100/month

       *By Invitation Only

Learn to Act (ages 12-up) - Mondays, 5 p.m. | $48 for 4 weeks

Film Lab (ages 13-up) - Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. | $60/month 

Additional Classes for Adults

​Learn to Act - Mondays, 7:30 p.m. | $48 for 4 weeks
Film Lab (behind the camera) - Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. | $60/month


Sunday Classes (Ages 10-up)

Our Professional Acting Program Calendar includes

Four Regular Sessions (10 weeks each) and

One Summer Session (8 weeks) each year.

Next Professional Acting Program Session

begins on Sunday, June 2, 2019.

Our 8-week SUMMER SESSION offers a unique opportunity to fine-tune either your Acting Technique using proven acting exercises to improve your Scene work....or your Auditioning Skills by using Improvisation to improve your Audition game.

We are excited to offer these classes at our special SUMMER-ONLY Pricing: $120 per month for one class OR $180 per month for both classes!

8 Sundays | June & July 2019
Ages 10-Up.

2 PM | Acting Exercises
Grow as an actor and artist while incorporating Meisner exercises into your scene work that will deepen your ability to connect with the script and your scene partner.

4 PM | Auditioning
Get an intense workout to up your acting career while incorporating Improvisation to help you think on your feet and deepen your auditioning skills.

Space is limited!

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​​These classes focus on Acting Technique (how to act) and Career Training (how to have a successful career) and are designed for those wanting to act in Movies, TV, & Commercials. This program has helped to launch the careers of dozens of actors who are now located throughout the Southeast and in Los Angeles. 

Students have the option of committing to one term, one year, or two years of classes. 

​1st Year
Foundations 1 | Sundays, 2-4 pm | 10 weeks 
          Basics of acting on camera, Breaking down a script.

Career Class 1 | Sundays,  4-6 pm | 10 weeks 
          Headshots, Resumes, Finding an Agent, Auditioning.

Foundations 2 | Sundays, 4-6 pm | 10 weeks 
          Building a Character, Creating a Role.

Career Class 2 | Sundays, 2-4 pm | 10 weeks 
         Sustaining your Career, Cold Reading, Booking Roles.

2nd Year / On-Going Classes
Career Class 3 | Sundays, 2-4 pm | Cold Reading, Self-Taping, Audition Technique

Foundations 3 | Sundays, 4-6 pm | Acting Technique, Acting Exercises, Scene Work

Scene Study | Sundays, 6-9 pm

Professional Acting Program Contract/Payment Options:

Session-by-Session Contract: 10-week session = $500 up-front or $250 per month (x 2 months)

1 year Contract: Each 10-week session = $180 per month (x 12 months)

                         $1,440 for One Full Year paid in advance ($120 per month)

2 year Contract: Each 10-week session = $150 per month (x 24 months)

                         $2,160 for Two Full Years paid in advance ($90 per month)

*Tuition does not include Registration, Headshots, or Showcase Fees.*​

Monthly plans are based upon a 4-week month. All monthly payment plans require enrollment in auto-pay.


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2 p.m. – Foundations 1 (PAP*)
2 p.m. – Career 2 (PAP*)
4 p.m. – Career 1 (PAP*)
4 p.m. – Foundations 2 (PAP*)
6 p.m. – Scene Study (PAP*)

*PAP – Professional Acting Program (ages 10-up) – Classes must be taken in order.

5 p.m. – The Actors Playground (ages 5-9)
6 p.m. – Advanced Young Folks (by invitation only)
7:30 p.m. – Learn to Act: Improv!

6:30 p.m. – Film Lab
7 p.m. – Master Class (by invitation only)

6 p.m. – Intermediate Voice Over Class
7:30 p.m. – Beginning Voice Over Class